Colorado brain clinic sees new hope for Alzheimer's patients | By David Olinger, The Denver Post #

"It is noteworthy that the major side effect of this therapeutic system is improved health..."#

Can technology help defuse the dementia time bomb? | BBC iWonder (2014) #

Dementia is leading cause of death for women | By James Gallagher, BBC News (10-29-2014)#

"We must now turn our attentions to dementia - our greatest health challenge - and invest in research that will drive better prevention and treatment of the condition."#

Caring for a Parent With Alzheimer’s Disease | By Samantha Costa, US News & World Report #

" I like to think of myself as 29, and that all those years are being stored somewhere for me, she says of the time since her parents' diagnosis. "Sometimes, I hope I can go back and reclaim all of that."#

"Speak slower; use simple words and short sentences; make eye contact; use brief explanations; repeat instructions using the exact words each time; establish a daily routine; take them by the hand and redirect them; distract them instead of arguing; smile; give hugs and compliments and small rewards for behavior you're encouraging."#

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