The Drum's commenters win the Internet: #


"Go race bait somewhere else."#

"Bless them. We need more self sufficiency and natural fibres."#

"Why mock people who enjoy doing different stuff with their time than you?"#

"It sounds like this couple just like the period and are having a go at living in it for more than just the weekends or at a convention "#

Victorian-lifestyle hipsters unleash “Masterpiece Theater”-level trolling on tech-tethered readers By Mary Elizabeth Williams, Salon #

I love the Victorian era. So I decided to live in it. By Sarah A. Chrisman, Vox#

Home Ec. (the economic logic of the 'new domesticity' org. pub 4-11-2013) By Ann Friedman, New Republic#

"If wealthier moms are judging each other for shopping at Trader Joe’s, who’s holding down the fresh produce prices for lower-income families?"#

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