"The garden in question, set apart from the castle at the center of the estate, is the heart of Axel and his wife, May’s, creative world. 'Its energy transforms our daily lives,' Vervoordt says."#

"At night the gardens are lit with gourd-shaped lamps of beaten brass, fashioned, as Vervoordt tells me, from the leftovers of De Niro’s brass roof in New York."#

“I’ve always wanted to capture the power and silence of small Japanese gardens,” says Vervoordt. “The question was how to bring the essence of Eastern philosophy into Western garden architecture.”#

Delirium: A Surprising Side Effect of Hospital Stays | By Sandra G. Boodman, nextavenue #

"Patients treated in intensive care units who are heavily sedated and on ventilators are particularly likely to become delirious; some studies place the rate as high as 85 percent."#

“Within an hour, my mother was acting fine. It was very scary because if she hadn’t had an advocate, she might have been sent to a nursing home with dementia.” #

“'We need to back up in our care of older patients so that we don’t treat every little symptom with a pill,' she said. Sometimes, she said, a hand rub or a conversation or a glass of herbal tea can be as effective as an anti-anxiety drug."#

“Medical care,” she added, “has evolved to be absolutely inhumane to older people.”#

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