The girl who gets gifts from birds | By Katy Sewall, BBC News #

The Web's Grain | By Frank Chimero#

"How could any self-aware person who works in technology not start to organize their disappointment? It’s gotten to where several of my peers are floating half-hearted speculations about their next careers." #

"What is this monstrosity? Why does it feel like docking a spaceship?"#

"It's an edgeless surface of unknown proportions, comprised of small, individual, and variable elements from multiple vantages assembled into a readable whole that documents a moment."#

"Everyone that I’ve spoken with that’s worked on a large responsive project with a big client says that the process disrupts workflows, expectations, and work culture."#

"Technology only adds more—it is never this or that; it is always this and that."#

"It is simple mindfulness, that thing which needy technology makes so hard to practice. And it starts with a question: what is technology’s role in your life? And what, really, do you want from it?" THIS#

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