"these #s look directionally correct, altho I think the amounts could be higher for "idea stage" / lower for "growth stage". in general, for seed-stage companies I have recommended 0.1%-.25% common vested monthly over 2 years (with no cliff or only 3-month cliff), and in a few cases have seen 0.5%-1.0% for *very* high value advisors and/or who work a hell of a lot more than 4 hrs / mo. the other thing I've seen is a combination of shares + cash for advisory roles where they exceed 4-8hrs/mo. great info & kudos for helping standardize. happy to help support this." - Dave McClure#

"I always give free advice first. If a company wants me as a formal advisor after that, then I'm willing to negotiate a package." - Chris Yeh#

"Couple very minor observations: 1) Under compensation: "Advisor shall not be entitled to receive cash compensation;" seems like it might make it a bit less restrictive if the language was added to limit scope to "under this agreement", since I've seen advisors enter into additional contracts for larger scale projects under additional consulting contracts." - Jay Moore#

"This is an advisor agreement for a few hours of mentorship per month, not 300 hour projects. The standard is for two years to be an advisor, and the agreement can be cancelled with 5 days notice. Over two years, this may amount to between 30 and 250 hours worth of total work, depending on the engagement level." - Adeo Ressi#

FAST: The Founder Advisor Standard Template (current working doc) #

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