“After you live in an Eichler,” one woman told another in a not atypical exchange, “you can never live in another house. You have to have the glass.”#

"It’s critical that your hiring team scrutinizes the apps, websites or products designers have built as part of their portfolio or previous work experience. Both the candidate and the work should be able to withstand it."#

Idea + Usability + Craftsmanship #

“In some of the best cases, candidates have included early drafts or sketches of their work so they can talk about the different things they considered doing and why they ultimately went the way they did.”#

“Sometimes, designers without traditional training possess an ingenuity that you don’t usually see,” says Zhuo. “We’re really just looking for people who have that element of extreme proactivity. Even if they did go to a great school, they should have experience stretching themselves on projects both inside and outside of the classroom. Great candidates take the initiative to experiment, design and build on their own.”#

“You want a designer who has looked for opportunities in their own lives: Problems that need fixing. Things that could be easier.”#

"A designer must have the capacity for high-level analysis. The right candidate should “have really great observation skills and pay attention… she really thinks critically about what could be better about any given product you throw at her," Zhuo says."#

"You want someone who asks a lot of questions, listens carefully, and weighs conflicting responses to arrive at an answer."#

“The mark of a really great designer is that every decision they've made has a purpose, has intentionality.”#

"Sometimes I’ve caught a full moon moving across the sky on Spring and Mercer Streets. It seems as if the moon was meant to be framed by the stage set created by buildings on lower Broadway." - Michele Oka Doner, 68 #

Greatest personal accomplishment? "Overcoming life’s dramas. I cannot cry anymore." - Christophe De Menil, 81 #

"If I’m doing a first draft, I still like longhand. I think that we’ve been writing by hand for so many centuries that somehow our subconscious just gets transcribed better in longhand." - Francine Du Plessix Gray, 83 #

7 Modernist Sand Castles, From a Master’s Hand By Liz Stinson, Wired #

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