"SCs are the people that get a job without ever submitting a resume because they have created so much proof of their ability to get shit done and make things happen that it would almost be an insult to question them. Are they smarter than you? Not always. More than likely they frequented the longer road to dopamine than you did and continued the behavior."#

"Additionally, this is an insight into why creatives are more prone to stress and depression if they are not producing."#

"If you’re capable of using your brain to arrive to a creative thought, do it and show it to everyone else...Approach life with research like a mental set of training wheels. Learn from someone else how to do something just long enough to get you moving and then practice until you master it."#

"Go out and make demonstrable proof of your value. Write your own jokes. Design a plan all your own. Build your own recipe. Your brain is impressive."#

"The difference is you can use a 'paint-by-number' and create art (RC) or you can learn about artistic fundamentals and make art. (SC). Your brain rewards them differently even if society does not."#

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