“Fight for greater relevance. Make it a priority in your positioning.”#

"If your messaging isn't unbelievably simple, you're missing the point.”#

"In everything you do or say and every piece of news you release, you have to keep beating the drum about your vision for the future — whether it’s the future of reading, the end of software, or one platform that connects the world. 'This is what will elevate whatever you’re doing in the short term to the next level. And the more short-term points you rack up, the more believable the long-term message becomes.'”#

Brand Lens: Tagline > Attributes > Differentiators > Action#

"Whatever it is you think you want to do, run it through your brand lens. See if it highlights the words that you’ve chosen that are meaningful to you and that set you apart. If the answer is no, don’t do it. If the answer is yes, then you have to do it.”#

“Figure out who you are as a founder, as a leader, as a brand. And whatever you are, be the best at it.”#

“Don't wrestle with a pig in the mud. You both get dirty but the pig likes it.”#

"Don’t envy other companies. This is so important, I have to say it twice."#

Brand image is your lump of clay and you have to go out there and make it into something beautiful. Respond to their questions, but then tell them what’s important in every answer, because they don’t know, or even how to ask.”#

"Associate yourself with the super giants, even if they’re not in your industry. If it makes sense, they can help you tell your story and gain relevance to land that win-win situation.”#

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