'60s Poster Boy David Edward Byrd | By Alexis Collazo, Senior Planet (9-16-2015) #

"Aging with attitude is being gracious, being thankful for anyone who likes what you do, and mentoring."#


"Revolutions 2" at Forest Lawn Museum Celebrates Classic Music Industry Art | By Tanja M. Laden, LA Weekly (3-3-2015) #

"It was never my goal to bring the house back to where it was originally, because it wasn't perfect originally," Goldstein said. "My goal was to make it perfect."#

"Lautner remarked at his 80th birthday celebration, when asked what he would do to improve Los Angeles, that we would construct a huge concrete boulder, take it up to Mulholland Drive and roll it down the hill," Goldstein said.#

Walstrom house, John Lautner#

Visions of the Future | NASA/JPL Posters #

So glad this is being quantified. I've had my own code - including a solid open source plugin in the WordPress repository (under my gender identifiable profile) - criticized by less experienced male programmers.#

"Early hints suggest that there may be climate effects and unexpected movement of harmful microbes or other creatures to new destinations."#

"More recent estimates put the amount of plastic floating in the world’s oceans at more than 5.25 trillion pieces, weighing more than 268,000 metric tons. That translates to as much as 100,000 pieces per square kilometer in some areas of the ocean."#

Caring for a Parent With Alzheimer’s Disease | By Samantha Costa, US News & World Report #

" I like to think of myself as 29, and that all those years are being stored somewhere for me, she says of the time since her parents' diagnosis. "Sometimes, I hope I can go back and reclaim all of that."#

"Speak slower; use simple words and short sentences; make eye contact; use brief explanations; repeat instructions using the exact words each time; establish a daily routine; take them by the hand and redirect them; distract them instead of arguing; smile; give hugs and compliments and small rewards for behavior you're encouraging."#

Blogging: a Powerful Outlet for Caregivers | By Brenda Avadian, US News & World Report #

"Will I also promise to help a friend move, be late meeting them because I also agreed to babysit another friend's sick rabbit, then disappoint everyone in the process? I sure will!"#

Home demolitions rise in Winter Park as historic preservation ordinance gets OK | By Steven Lemongello, Orlando Sentinel#


"Holly needed a wheelchair before her transplant, but after the treatment she walked out of hospital."#

"There has been resistance to this in the pharma and academic world. This is not a technology you can patent and we have achieved this without industry backing."#

The Internet Loves This Imam Who Lets Stray Cats Live At His Mosque #

Colorado brain clinic sees new hope for Alzheimer's patients | By David Olinger, The Denver Post #

"It is noteworthy that the major side effect of this therapeutic system is improved health..."#

Can technology help defuse the dementia time bomb? | BBC iWonder (2014) #

Dementia is leading cause of death for women | By James Gallagher, BBC News (10-29-2014)#

"We must now turn our attentions to dementia - our greatest health challenge - and invest in research that will drive better prevention and treatment of the condition."#

Is this the sweet secret to Swedish success? | By Elizabeth Hotson, BBC News#

"More than a coffee break, fika is a time to share, connect and relax with colleagues. Some of the best ideas and decisions happen at fika."#

One does not simply miss Second Breakfast...#

"His death was no different from his life - a work of Art"#

Remembering David Bowie | By Richard Branson, Virgin.com#

"We are all aware that broadband opportunities are not yet available to the overwhelming majority of people, and therefore expect the success of this experiment to be measured in hundreds and not thousands of downloads."#

Three ways to eat healthy from the new U.S. dietary guidelines | By Carina Storrs, CNN #

(love this pic…that vintage George Nelson Crisscross Saucer Lamp!) #

"The hyperlink was a way to abandon centralisation – all the links, lines and hierarchies – and replace them with something more distributed, a system of nodes and networks. Since I got out of jail, though, I’ve realised how much the hyperlink has been devalued, almost made obsolete."#

"But hyperlinks aren’t just the skeleton of the web: they are its eyes, a path to its soul. And a blind webpage, one without hyperlinks, can’t look or gaze at another webpage – and this has serious consequences for the dynamics of power on the web."#

"The prominence of the stream today doesn’t just make vast chunks of the internet biased against quality – it also means a deep betrayal to the diversity that the world wide web had originally envisioned."#

"When Facebook can know us better than our parents with only 150 likes, and better than our spouses with 300 likes, the world appears quite predictable, both for governments and for businesses. And predictability means control."#

"We seem to have gone from a non-linear mode of communication – nodes and networks and links – toward one that is linear, passive, programmed and inward-looking."#

"This future is television."#

(for my siblings, when they're ready to hear; for my mom, with all my love)#

"If we reduce the risk of the conditions that lead to cardiac disease, hopefully we can reduce the risk of developing MCI, and thereby reduce the risk of developing dementia."#

Alzheimer's, dementia and MCI overlap, but have different meanings | Mayo #

New Criteria May Change Alzheimer’s Diagnosis | Time #

"this one-time snapshot doesn’t reveal much about what might be driving the changes in cognitive function."#

To my dear mother’: living with dementia | By Noreen Sadik, New Internationalist Magazine #

Dear White America | By George Yancy, The New York Times #

Never feel guilty about taking a break | By Richard Branson, Virgin.com #

A Very Murray Christmas#

We Were Made For These Times | By Clarissa Pinkola Estes #

"I too have felt despair many times in my life, but I do not keep a chair for it. I will not entertain it. It is not allowed to eat from my plate."#

Got a Vulgar Vocab? New Research Says Swearing Is a Sign of a Healthy Brain | By Rafi Schwartz, GOOD Magazine#

The Internet’s Loop of Action and Reaction Is Worsening | By Farhad Manjoo, The New York Times #

"The Internet wasn’t supposed to be this ugly. In its earliest days its pioneers harbored grand ideas about the web’s expanding our democratic discourse."#

A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace | By John Perry Barlow, 1996#

Student’s ‘joke gone awry’ leads to felony charges, racist slurs | By Addie Glickstein, The Colorado Independent #

100 Must-See Documentaries Streaming on Netflix This December | By Christopher Campbell, Nonfics #

Are Christmas fairy lights really ruining your Wi-Fi? | By Samuel Gibbs, The Guardian #

A Storytelling Renaissance Is Happening Right Under Your Thumb | By Matt Baume, The Stranger #

Cry me a river | By Suprabha Seshan, New Internationalist Magazine#

"in 1983, 50 corporations controlled the majority of news media. Now six corporations control it."#

"millennials are the ones most vulnerable because they have no personal connection to a time when music actually mattered. When it was the most accessible medium for getting a message to the world. Now corporations have used the medium artists once used to spread a message of social change, to send the message that they need more and more useless shit instead."#

Ways of Seeing Album | afrolicious#

7 Expert Tips for Buying an Investment-Worthy Antique | By Miranda Agee, Architectural Digest #

South Park Nails Gentrification in Denver | By Michael Roberts, Westword#

South Park - The City Part of Town - “The Lofts at SoDoSoPa#

South Park Tackles Gentrification, One Stupid Neighborhood Name at a Time | By Matt Miller, Esquire #

How Apple Is Giving Design A Bad Name | By Don Norman and Bruce Tognazzini, Co.Design #

"Apple is destroying design. Worse, it is revitalizing the old belief that design is only about making things look pretty."#

"Today’s devices lack discoverability: There is no way to discover what operations are possible just by looking at the screen."#

"It matters when people end up thinking they are stupid because they can’t seem to use an interface that has been made to seem perfectly clear even though it isn’t. It matters that our leading products are going backward in both usability and usefulness."#

"The most important principles largely or completely missing in iOS are discoverability, feedback, recovery, consistency, and the encouragement of growth."#

Here are all 10 principles of good design:#


Makes a product useful#


Makes a product understandable#




Thorough down to the last detail#

Environmentally friendly#

As little design as possible#

"The headline of a Forbes article says it all: 'Apple iOS 9 has 25 Great Secret Features.' Secret features? If these are such great features, why are they secret? Why are they so difficult to get to?"#

"If Apple were taking an elementary interaction design class, it would fail."#

7 Reasons Why Living in an Older Home Isn't All Tall Ceilings & Charm #

Can Jack Dorsey Save Twitter? | By Om Malik, The New Yorker#

A Feminism Where ‘Lean In’ Means Leaning On Others | By Gary Gutting and Nancy Fraser, New York Times#

"But I wouldn’t be unhappy to be proven wrong; if a new kind of capitalism can liberate women (and I mean all women) without screwing everyone else, I’m for it."#

The Housing Crisis Amid Denver’s Cannabis Boom | By Arielle Milkman, New Republic #

"...enormous development projects rise out of the ground in all directions, wood and metal scraping against the eternally blue, big west sky."#

To keep customers coming back, some Chinese restaurants are lacing noodles with opiates | By Gwynn Guilford, Quartz (09-25-2014) #

I'll take those flannel zebra jammies, secondhand and rock that mofo.#

We Buy White Albums - Write-up about Rutherford Chang's 2013 NY exhibit by Dust & Grooves #

Ten most valuable albums of all time | By Charlotte Beugge, The Telegraph (July 06, 2014) #

How to Properly Deep Clean Vintage Jazz Records #

12 Easy DIY Fall Fix-Ups | This Old House #

7 Things You Need To Stop Doing To Be More Productive, Backed By Science | By CamMi Pham, Medium #

How to Become a Genius | By Stephanie Vozza, Fast Company#

Through Dizzy Array of GIFs, Blind Artist Challenges Our Sense of Order | By Eva Recinos, PSFK #

Living in the Past: Homes that Embrace Vintage with Open Arms | Apartment Therapy #

"Nagel died of a heart attack at 38 after participating in a charity aerobics tournament in Santa Monica, California—quite possibly the hippest way to drop dead in 1984 Los Angeles."#

"Even if he never gets an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, Nagel’s work deserves more than the mall."#

"Through cultural cross-pollination, his work absorbed the moment – from the fashion photography of Guy Bourdin and Helmut Newton to influencing the look of music videos by David Bowie, Robert Palmer and George Michael, to creating the album cover art of Duran Duran."#

"In the pin-up tradition of women as object, Nagel’s portrayal of them was a break from the past, reflecting the rapidly changing role of women in America."#

Your Fall Home Maintenance Checklist | By Laura Gaskill, Houzz #

The Good House: Big Design Moves That Matter | By Bud Dietrich, Houzz #

NASA Guide to Air-Filtering Houseplants #

The Death of the Party | By Teddy Wayne, New York Times #

"Over a third of Gen X high schoolers fought for their right to party at the tail end of the Reagan administration, spending more than six hours per week at gatherings; just 10.7 percent of the most recent Obama-era high school seniors did."#

"Little shacks that college kids used to live in are now $2 million homes."#

Abbey Road - Graham Calkin's Beatles Pages#

The Drum's commenters win the Internet: #


"Go race bait somewhere else."#

"Bless them. We need more self sufficiency and natural fibres."#

"Why mock people who enjoy doing different stuff with their time than you?"#

"It sounds like this couple just like the period and are having a go at living in it for more than just the weekends or at a convention "#

Victorian-lifestyle hipsters unleash “Masterpiece Theater”-level trolling on tech-tethered readers By Mary Elizabeth Williams, Salon #

I love the Victorian era. So I decided to live in it. By Sarah A. Chrisman, Vox#

Home Ec. (the economic logic of the 'new domesticity' org. pub 4-11-2013) By Ann Friedman, New Republic#

"If wealthier moms are judging each other for shopping at Trader Joe’s, who’s holding down the fresh produce prices for lower-income families?"#

(Disagree and should blog about this, the lawn has helped with cooling and erosion, as well as community beautification.) #

How To Use IKEA Trones Storage Boxes in Every Room of the House #


Etsy: hopscotchmemories, TheModernHistoric#

Empire of the Geeks | The Economist#

"The geeks live in a bubble that seals off their empire from the world they are doing so much to change."#

A Glass Of Red Wine Is The Equivalent To An Hour At The Gym, Says New Study | Huffington Post #

"Thanks to the generation’s size and influence, millennials are moving to new places made just for them, by them—revitalizing smaller cities or opting for hybridized urban-burb enclaves where quality of life is the driving force."#

"Millennials might not be staying in the urban cores, but rather, they’re helping to remake the urban-like enclaves that allow easy access to the city when they want it. These places where millennials are choosing to live still have the qualities of downtowns—dense housing, transit connections, walkability, good food, great bars—without the high prices of downtowns."#

"The garden in question, set apart from the castle at the center of the estate, is the heart of Axel and his wife, May’s, creative world. 'Its energy transforms our daily lives,' Vervoordt says."#

"At night the gardens are lit with gourd-shaped lamps of beaten brass, fashioned, as Vervoordt tells me, from the leftovers of De Niro’s brass roof in New York."#

“I’ve always wanted to capture the power and silence of small Japanese gardens,” says Vervoordt. “The question was how to bring the essence of Eastern philosophy into Western garden architecture.”#

Delirium: A Surprising Side Effect of Hospital Stays | By Sandra G. Boodman, nextavenue #

"Patients treated in intensive care units who are heavily sedated and on ventilators are particularly likely to become delirious; some studies place the rate as high as 85 percent."#

“Within an hour, my mother was acting fine. It was very scary because if she hadn’t had an advocate, she might have been sent to a nursing home with dementia.” #

“'We need to back up in our care of older patients so that we don’t treat every little symptom with a pill,' she said. Sometimes, she said, a hand rub or a conversation or a glass of herbal tea can be as effective as an anti-anxiety drug."#

“Medical care,” she added, “has evolved to be absolutely inhumane to older people.”#

Caregiver Dementia: Oh Yea, It's Real. | By Brenda Avadian, US News & World Report #

The fortysomething parents are not alright | By Emma-Kate Symons, Quartz #

Inside Obama's Stealth Startup | By Jon Gertner, Fast Company #

"We need both kinds: people who can hack the technology, as well as people who can hack the bureaucracy."#

Web! What is it good for? | By Jeremy Keith, Adactio #

"And yet the web persists. That’s because none of the individual creations made with those technologies could compete with the collective power of all of the web, hyperlinked together."#

Why Silicon Valley loves midcentury modern design | By Matt O'Brien, San Jose Mercury News #

"Software designers who spend their days working on UX or UI -- user experience or user interface -- find a kindred aesthetic in the simple, brightly lit and flat-roofed Modernist homes..."#

"We're minimalists, joined by wanting to preserve these homes," she said. "People either get it or they don't, and those who don't either tear them down or ruin them."#

(This comment thread! But 16 are already gone here: newspapers, calendars, dining room table, takeout menus, stereo, printer, cable box, landline, incandescents, VCR, phone books, address book, answering machine, fax, piano or tube TV. Also, watches - 10 years ago. On notice: checkbook and DVDs, stapler too, but scotch tape is an essential.)#

We've certainly been 'Mad' for modern | By David A. Keeps, Los Angeles Times#

"People recognized when they first saw the set decoration ... that modern did not have to be cold and monochromatic. It could be warm and livable."#

"I wish people would mix them with different periods and styles."#

"[MCM] blends nicely with more formal pieces from the 19th century and will blend in with the current Axel Vervoordt Belgian look and whatever the next trend is."#

'Mad Men': Here are the SoCal purveyors that supplied the show's vintage props, clothes | By Robert Garrova, The Frame #

Hunting for Prince's vault | By Mobeen Azhar, BBC News #

"In the same way that most people have a conversation about their day, Prince creates music. It's effortless for him."#

The Wit And Wisdom Of Downton Abbey's Dowager Countess #

3 Ways Boomers Can Make an Impact | By Lauren Stiller Rikleen, nextavenue #

"I am learning that relief would be a much simpler alternative to this complex array of sadness, loss and worry for the future."#

"There is no such thing as the 'right time' to die. The loss of a parent hurts whether they die young or old, in good health or bad. Losing your last parent is a passage to a phase of life none of us feels ready to accept."#

Why We Need to Get Rid of Senior Centers | By Kerry Hannon, nextavenue #

"Good design is innovative. Good design must be useful. Good design is aesthetic design. Good design makes a product understandable. Good design is honest. Good design is unobtrusive. Good design is long-lasting. Good design is consistent in every detail. Good design is environmentally friendly. And last but not least, good design is as little design as possible."#

"We need to deal with our resources differently, in terms of how we waste things. We have to move away from the throwaway habit. Things can, and must, last longer. They must be designed so that they can be reused. We need to take more care of our environment. That means not only our personal environment but also our cities and our resources. That is the future of design, to take more care of these basic elements."#

"As designers, we shouldn’t be doing this for ourselves, but for our community."#

"I believe, in the future, it will be less important to have many things and more important to exercise care about where and how we live."#

Loving the Unlovable Decade | By David Netto and Tom Delavan, New York Times #

"...while no one questions their pedigree, there is something about these Modernist staples that leaves us longing for a little heat."#

"Imagine trying to make out on a Barcelona Chair."#

A Growing Passion: Tropical Garden With Rich History Part I (aka CA's Sinjen Gardens) #

"If time dilates when one moves at high speeds, does it contract when one moves barely at all? It must: The day shortened considerably. A full day’s activity might be a medical appointment, or a visit from a friend. The rest of the time was rest."#

"The future, instead of the ladder toward the goals of life, flattens out into a perpetual present. Money, status, all the vanities the preacher of Ecclesiastes described, hold so little interest: a chasing after wind, indeed."#

Managing Estate Sales Becomes Big Business | By Alan Feuer, The New York Times #



How you can walk through the 'Mad Men' sets | By Jenn Kantor, TODAY #

"Fortysomething women have a ton of juggling abilities, and I think that that makes us essentially the best entrepreneurs."#

How to Replace a Car Battery | The Family Handyman #

10 Ways to Build a Better Chicken Coop | By Ann E. Stratton, This Old House #

Grief and Letting Go in the Digital Age | By Kevin Kusinitz, nextavenue #

(Nearly all commenters said they don't delete. Me neither.)#

The girl who gets gifts from birds | By Katy Sewall, BBC News #

The Web's Grain | By Frank Chimero#

"How could any self-aware person who works in technology not start to organize their disappointment? It’s gotten to where several of my peers are floating half-hearted speculations about their next careers." #

"What is this monstrosity? Why does it feel like docking a spaceship?"#

"It's an edgeless surface of unknown proportions, comprised of small, individual, and variable elements from multiple vantages assembled into a readable whole that documents a moment."#

"Everyone that I’ve spoken with that’s worked on a large responsive project with a big client says that the process disrupts workflows, expectations, and work culture."#

"Technology only adds more—it is never this or that; it is always this and that."#

"It is simple mindfulness, that thing which needy technology makes so hard to practice. And it starts with a question: what is technology’s role in your life? And what, really, do you want from it?" THIS#

Nonsmoking pot lobbyist opens minds | By Tim Devaney, The Hill #

“Everyone thinks you’re a stoner if you support marijuana reform, but that’s just not the case."#

"There are a lot of things that piled up over the years."#

"They just kept asking me to prove myself over and over again."#

"Men need to be the ones that are advocating and pushing for women…"#

What Not to Wear After Age 50: The Final Say | By Michelle Combs, Huffington Post #

"If you like the feel of the world's weight and don't want to give it up, then try scaling back a bit. Perhaps just wear the weight of a few of the smaller continents."#

The Greatest Lesson I Never Learned | By Umair Haque, Medium #

What It's Like Competing With VC-Fueled Media Startups | By Simon Dumenco, AdAge #

Women Count By Dana M. Hurley, EOS #

"So this is a notification to all of my colleagues in science. I count. Other women count, too."#

I Have a Website that Buries Words Within Words #

"Everybody who ages is going to be their own problem-solver."#

Beskind says the interview made her think she wanted to work at IDEO. "Oh, that sounds like that's for me," she remembers thinking.#

"Embrace change and design for it."#

Unemployed, 55, and Faking Normal | By Lizzy White, NextAvenue #

Vladimir Kagan on Being Avant at Any Age By Ingrid Abramovitch, Elle Decor #

"Marilyn Monroe came into the showroom one day with Arthur Miller."#

"Every important job I've ever done has been here today, gone tomorrow. People get divorced, they die, they redecorate."#

French Twitter Users Say #JeSuisCharlie Isn’t For Everyone By Naina Bajekal, Time #

"The more you spend on your wedding, the more likely you’ll end up divorced" - that and a lot of other surprising data here.#

New York City now has its own web addresses, and they’re only open to locals | Citymetric#

A designer is creating "smell maps" of cities By Barbara Speed, Citymetric #

"They are known for keeping their heads down and assuming their work speaks for itself."#

"Three to five years from now experienced leaders may be impossible to recruit."#

"Focusing the same attention on the generation that isn’t demanding it could be even more productive than helicoptering over your Millennials."#

Gen-X: The Ignored Generation? By M.J. Stephey, TIME (April 16, 2008) #

In short, "GenXers are doing the quiet work of keeping America from sucking."#

"We've created all these great Websites that now millennials waste their lives on," Gordinier says with a laugh.#

"these #s look directionally correct, altho I think the amounts could be higher for "idea stage" / lower for "growth stage". in general, for seed-stage companies I have recommended 0.1%-.25% common vested monthly over 2 years (with no cliff or only 3-month cliff), and in a few cases have seen 0.5%-1.0% for *very* high value advisors and/or who work a hell of a lot more than 4 hrs / mo. the other thing I've seen is a combination of shares + cash for advisory roles where they exceed 4-8hrs/mo. great info & kudos for helping standardize. happy to help support this." - Dave McClure#

"I always give free advice first. If a company wants me as a formal advisor after that, then I'm willing to negotiate a package." - Chris Yeh#

"Couple very minor observations: 1) Under compensation: "Advisor shall not be entitled to receive cash compensation;" seems like it might make it a bit less restrictive if the language was added to limit scope to "under this agreement", since I've seen advisors enter into additional contracts for larger scale projects under additional consulting contracts." - Jay Moore#

"This is an advisor agreement for a few hours of mentorship per month, not 300 hour projects. The standard is for two years to be an advisor, and the agreement can be cancelled with 5 days notice. Over two years, this may amount to between 30 and 250 hours worth of total work, depending on the engagement level." - Adeo Ressi#

FAST: The Founder Advisor Standard Template (current working doc) #

The Unexotic Underclass By C.Z. Nnaemeka, MIT Entrepreneurship Review (2013)#

Breaking Down the Freelance Economy By Justin Fox, HBR #

Is Aging In Place A Pipe Dream? By Ashlea Ebeling, Forbes #

"Ohio offers tax credits of up to $5,000 to homeowners making their residences more accessible. Massachusetts provides loans of up to $30,000 for adding accessibility features."#

Repeal Prohibition, Again | New York Times Editorial Board #

(Don't miss the groovy flag - scroll down!)#

Let States Decide on Marijuana, By David Firestone, New York Times #

"...it’s not surprising that the early adopters would be socially liberal states like Colorado and Washington, while others hang back to gauge the results."#

"The most comprehensive plan to do so is a bill introduced last year by Representative Jared Polis, Democrat of Colorado, known as the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act."#

You Are Not Late By Kevin Kelly, Medium#

Democrats’ latest tech mines your relationship data By Brian Fung, The Washington Post #

"...further experiments could even lead to campaigns picking out the most active organizers before those people even know it."#

How To Make A Living From Blogging By Dorie Clark, Forbes #

"Nine out of ten Twitter engineers are male."#

"The indie developer may soon be a relic."#

"About 47% of app developers make next to nothing."#

How Narrow Defeats Mess With Our Heads By Jesse Singal, Science of Us #

Beef Pollutes More Than Pork, Poultry, Study Says By Seth Borenstein, Associated Press#

"eating a pound of beef causes more greenhouse warming than burning a gallon of gasoline."#

"whenever possible try to replace beef with other sources of protein from animal sources."#

Need support? Ask a 20-year vegetarian. :blush: #

A Blind Paralympian Will Use Google Glass So Kids Can See His Point Of View By Ariel Schwartz, Co.Exist #

5 Ways to Make the Most of Kindle Unlimited’s 600,000 Books By Graeme McMillan, Wired #

The Cornish beaches where Lego keeps washing up By Mario Cacciottolo, BBC News #

(Original pub. date June 2010)#

"The bad news is, you gain perspective by having incredibly shitty things happen to you and the people you love. Nature has made it so that perspective is only delivered in bulk quantities. A railcar of perspective arrives and dumps itself on your lawn when all you needed was a microgram. This is a grossly inefficient aspect of the human condition, but I'm sure bright minds in Silicon Valley are working on a fix."#

"People have been very understanding about my occasional need to flee the Internet."#

Here's the Lawless Hellscape Colorado Has Become Six Months After Legalizing Weed By Chris Miles, Policy.Mic #

Old Boy's Lab By Jane Hu, Slate#

“If you’re going to name someone famous in the field, 90 percent of the time, it’s a man.”#

"A former biology graduate student told me that a male postdoc in her lab said that her ponytail was 'too flouncy for cancer research.'" When she pressed him on what he meant, he smiled and said she didn’t belong.#

"Her male professor warned the class that women would have to practice more, since men are better at 3-D reasoning."#

"Applications with the male name were judged to be more competent and hirable, and were offered a higher starting salary than those with the female name."#

"The 'choice' framing implies that women are in control of the situation, and ignores the many systemic issues that conspire to prevent women from moving forward in their fields. "#

“The first two steps were electing a socialist President and instituting national health care,” he said. “Once soccer replaces football, our work will be done.”#


“Most Bootyful Butts!” “Best Bulges!” Why it’s great to objectify World Cup players By Amanda Hess, Slate #

"The World Cup offers up an international cornucopia of masculine expression, parading out the metrosexuals alongside the macho to suit every conceivable taste."#

The Internet Of Things Will Need Millions Of Developers By 2020 By Matt Asay, ReadWrite #

"Hamilton has also found that just a few hours of sitting suppresses a gene that helps keep your cardiovascular system healthy by controlling inflammation and blood clotting."#

"In short, getting up and walking around at least twice an hour can keep your skeletal muscles turned on and lower the risk of disease."#

"On the surface there’s nothing wrong with getting to know a job candidate in a relaxed setting. But think about who might flunk this kind of pre-interview acculturation. Say, people who don’t drink. Or people with long commutes, or who don’t have the luxury of time to stay out late with a bunch of twenty-somethings on a whim." (+ people who aren't single...people with pets...people with hobbies...people who exercise...people who sleep.)#

"Does clothing indicate a person’s inner qualities or not? What, exactly, is the moral we’re supposed to learn from this grubby little drama?"#

"The problem is that all cliques are self-reinforcing. There is no way to re-calibrate once the insiders have convinced themselves of their greatness."#

"Try, just for a moment, to suppose that it’s probably unnatural for an industry to be so heavily dominated by white and Asian middle-class males under 30 who keep telling each other to only hire their friends."#

Denver's Tax on Web and App Development Draws Ire by Andy Vuong, The Denver Post #

The Science Behind Honey’s Eternal Shelf Life By Natasha Geiling, Smithsonian #

(Original pub. date: August 22, 2013)#

New York's Newest Beach Lets You Lay On The Sand While Floating On The Hudson By Adele Peters, Co.Exist #

"Kurt Cobain was famously a self-identified feminist."#

"There’s probably a lot to be written about how all these cultures arose as a backlash against both feminism and the rise of metrosexual dudes, who wore cologne, were professionally Nice to Women, and got laid a lot. Traditional alpha-male types watched this with horror, and what came next was depressingly predictable."#

Hospice, Inc. By Ben Hallman, Huffington Post#

(A timely report, as a close friend of our family entered palliative care at the same time, so I haven't read it yet. But I'm sure it covers the crapstorm we've been going through these past few months.) #

longtermscorecard.org #

Here Comes the Sun By Richard Branson, Virgin.com#

‘Bedtime Procrastination’ Is a Thing By Melissa Dahl, Science of Us #

I’m Just Now Realizing How Stupid We Are By Morgan Housel, The Motley Fool #

"Be a master of sincere little things."#

"Like the American women in the current study, the men were nearly universally struggling for balance, whether married or single and regardless of whether they are parents or not."#

The Post-Bling Ring Era: How LA Is Finally Learning to Think Small By Honora Shea, Architizer #

Kenya Hara: the future of design By Cameron Allan McKean, The Japan Times #

"What are Japan’s resources?” he asks, “I’m particularly thinking about traditional aesthetics. I’ve identified four keywords related to this: sensai(delicateness), chimitsu (meticulousness), teinei (thoroughness or attention to detail) and kanketsu (simplicity).”#

“I don’t believe cities are created by great urban designers,” Hara says. “Cities are made by the desires of people. What designers are able to do is provide a little awakening that might change what people want from a city. That will eventually lead to a [larger] change.”#

"Educating desire is about teaching people to say 'This will do. Instead of a very elaborately made towel, you’ll say, this brown towel will do. This is the awakening Muji tries to introduce.' As designers 'we should learn to control the level of ‘This will do.’ ”#

Designers should not only make beautiful or functional products, but tap a sense of culture as well. This can be achieved, Hara believes, through a deepening understanding of the value of “koto” over “mono” — experience rather than the beauty of a “fantastic object or brand” — and by allowing themselves and their work to embrace the unknown.#

"And therein lies the problem of side projects. They will either muddle along as a fun side project and provide a necessary distraction from your main work, or they will grow and demand your attention. They want to be fed. The answer to 'what if this fails' is easy. You shut it down. The answer to 'what if this succeeds' is much harder. Especially when you’re not willing to walk away from your main job. And I wasn’t."#

The Minimum Salary You Need to Buy a Home, in 27 Cities By Kristin Wong, Lifehacker #

Man Spends 13 Years Transforming a Hedge into a Massive Dragon By Christopher Jobson, Colossal #

“After you live in an Eichler,” one woman told another in a not atypical exchange, “you can never live in another house. You have to have the glass.”#

"It’s critical that your hiring team scrutinizes the apps, websites or products designers have built as part of their portfolio or previous work experience. Both the candidate and the work should be able to withstand it."#

Idea + Usability + Craftsmanship #

“In some of the best cases, candidates have included early drafts or sketches of their work so they can talk about the different things they considered doing and why they ultimately went the way they did.”#

“Sometimes, designers without traditional training possess an ingenuity that you don’t usually see,” says Zhuo. “We’re really just looking for people who have that element of extreme proactivity. Even if they did go to a great school, they should have experience stretching themselves on projects both inside and outside of the classroom. Great candidates take the initiative to experiment, design and build on their own.”#

“You want a designer who has looked for opportunities in their own lives: Problems that need fixing. Things that could be easier.”#

"A designer must have the capacity for high-level analysis. The right candidate should “have really great observation skills and pay attention… she really thinks critically about what could be better about any given product you throw at her," Zhuo says."#

"You want someone who asks a lot of questions, listens carefully, and weighs conflicting responses to arrive at an answer."#

“The mark of a really great designer is that every decision they've made has a purpose, has intentionality.”#

"Sometimes I’ve caught a full moon moving across the sky on Spring and Mercer Streets. It seems as if the moon was meant to be framed by the stage set created by buildings on lower Broadway." - Michele Oka Doner, 68 #

Greatest personal accomplishment? "Overcoming life’s dramas. I cannot cry anymore." - Christophe De Menil, 81 #

"If I’m doing a first draft, I still like longhand. I think that we’ve been writing by hand for so many centuries that somehow our subconscious just gets transcribed better in longhand." - Francine Du Plessix Gray, 83 #

"SCs are the people that get a job without ever submitting a resume because they have created so much proof of their ability to get shit done and make things happen that it would almost be an insult to question them. Are they smarter than you? Not always. More than likely they frequented the longer road to dopamine than you did and continued the behavior."#

"Additionally, this is an insight into why creatives are more prone to stress and depression if they are not producing."#

"If you’re capable of using your brain to arrive to a creative thought, do it and show it to everyone else...Approach life with research like a mental set of training wheels. Learn from someone else how to do something just long enough to get you moving and then practice until you master it."#

"Go out and make demonstrable proof of your value. Write your own jokes. Design a plan all your own. Build your own recipe. Your brain is impressive."#

"The difference is you can use a 'paint-by-number' and create art (RC) or you can learn about artistic fundamentals and make art. (SC). Your brain rewards them differently even if society does not."#

How to Make a Map Go Viral By Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic #

The Toxins That Threaten Our Brains By James Hamblin, The Atlantic #

"Low-income parents might not have access to organic produce or be able to guarantee their children a low-lead household. When it comes to brain development, this puts low-income kids at even greater disadvantages—in their education, in their earnings, in their lifelong health and well-being."#

The States With the Worst Healthcare Systems By Olga Khazan, The Atlantic #

"A black man in Mississippi has a shorter life expectancy than the average American did in 1960."#

A Eulogy for Twitter By Adrienne LaFrance and Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic #

'Mad Men': Season 7 explores L.A. style | By David A. Keeps, Los Angeles Times#

An Open Letter, and Resources on Net Neutrality #

Turkish Journalist Jailed For Tweeting a Typo By Molly Mulshine #

"Want the fun of camping with the convenience of indoor plumbing + electricity? Your room is the teeny tiny pantry just off our kitchen. Seriously tiny. Just over 5.5ft long by 2 ft. wide. Think Japanese style capsule hotel with a window and door."#

Kenu iPhone Leash#

"The difference is night and day for Mitchem. At the restructuring firm Eagle's Flight, 'they would make a decision today, implement it in 30 days, wait six months, and see how it goes,' he says. Now? 'We have an idea in the morning, implement by noon, and it better be working the next day or day after.' Accustomed to the breakneck speed at o.penVAPE, he says it's hard to imagine returning to a larger, slower organization."#

Joe Hodas Mentioned You On Twitter#

"When outsiders zing Christie, that's a different story. That's pure entertainment when the knife is well-placed."#

How nerdy is Colorado? Very, it turns out By L. Wayne Hicks, Denver Business Journal #

"Creative output increased by an average of 60 percent when the person was walking."#

"This isn't to say that every task at work should be done while simultaneously walking, but those that require a fresh perspective or new ideas would benefit from it," said Oppezzo.#

"Is it walking per se or do other forms of mild physical activity have similar elevating effects?"#

“I think we can start to build towards free and open societies, by building on some of the ideas that have come out of our community that are actually very successful,” says Kahle. “Ones that can support our families, can do things that last by building communities, by using licenses to help define how our world works within a law structure that is often not pursuing our aims or helping a broad set of people.”#

Long-Buried E.T. Cartridges Unearthed at New Mexico Landfill #

(Artist v Artist Day)#

CMU Computer Club discovers new works of Warhol art By Sean D. Hamill, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette #

"The Marilyn Monroe image found on the computer, for example, he said, "we might not want to even release it because the people who control Monroe's image are very vigilant" and might sue the museum if it did."#

(See: The Marilyn Manifesto)#

“Photographers from all around the world have contacted me saying, ‘Thank you for fighting this,’” he said. “They said, ‘This has happened to me, but I didn’t have the guts to fight it.’”#

"Many of the people renting out their labor and goods through these services will end up making a fraction of what they did at their full-time jobs, and having none of the benefits."#

Shakespeare Insult Kit #

“I’m not surprised that we have a certain amount of jealousy from other governors. We accept that as part of the payment for success,” said Hickenlooper.#

"Every Apple Retail Store in the world will take back Apple products for free, responsible recycling."#

"These are kids who have never waited in line at the bank, never waited days for a stamped letter to arrive, never used a phone that didn’t take photos, never, or rarely, had their musical choices limited to what’s on the AM and FM band waves or to the number of tracks that can fit on a disc or cassette tape."#

How Cold Calling Can Land You A Job | By Susan Adams, Forbes #

Can Paradise Be Planned? By Allison Arieff, New York Times #

"Individuals living in compact, connected metro areas (akin to the garden suburb) were found to have greater economic mobility. These folks spend less on both housing and transportation, and have greater transit options. They tend to live longer, safer, healthier lives than their peers in metro areas with sprawl. The report cites evidence that people who live in areas with sprawl suffer from more obesity, high blood pressure and fatal car crashes."#

Banksy's boost for Bristol youth club By Padraic Flanagan, The Telegraph #

"We need £120,000 to keep going and our fundraising appeal has so far only brought a few thousand pounds. Now we've ended up with a Banksy on our doorstep. It is a dream come true. I'm absolutely buzzing."#

Why some publishers are killing their comment sections By Ricardo Bilton, Digiday #

"From carpenters to sculptors, makers end each workday with a physical object looking different than it did that morning. But what if you’re a knowledge worker? How do we know our level of progress when the fruits of our labors can be easily and quickly buried by our next task?"#

"Even if you don’t finish a project or hit a major milestone, you’ve likely made progress on some aspect, whether it’s a super rough draft or sketching out a plan. Record that and give small steps their due." #

"Done lists are like bite-size diaries, so don’t be afraid to get personal and express yourself. Emotional context and commentary will add value as you reflect and review. Maybe you can puzzle out why your afternoon was unproductive or savor the pleasure of figuring out a bug."#

French Employees Encouraged to Shut Off Email After 6 p.m. By Alex Magdaleno, Mashable #


The 6 Types of Coachella Haters By Cecilia Esther Rabess, The Bold Italic#

"Their disdain for music festivals is mostly just a reflection of their disdain for Instagram. And not even that awesome picture of your wristband saturated in subtle hues of gold and corn silk can change that."#

This Is What Women Would Do If They Were Paid the Same As Men By Charlotte Alter, Time #

Rosie the (Real) Riveter #

Getty Publications Virtual Library - read art books for free #

"Creative people are confident in only one thing: their own doubt."#

"I already find the idea of being constrained to any one channel for reading to be laughably old-fashioned. And yet, that’s exactly what an app is: a single channel for one publisher’s content. Contrast this to the web, where any given piece is available instantly by simply clicking a link."#

Emergency Rooms Are No Place for the Elderly By Pauline W. Chen, M.D., New York Times#

"When it comes to elderly patients, it is nearly impossible to work quickly." #


Portraits of SF's Domesticated Trees By Jessica Saia, The Bold Italic#

Do’s and Don’ts: Planting Etiquette By Jake Swearingen, Modern Farmer #

"Let yourself fuck up and stop being such a dick to yourself."#

Why newsrooms are enlisting data scientists By Lucia Moses, Digiday #

Have Liberal Arts Degree, Will Code By Caitlin Huston, Wall Street Journal #

"Instead of taking pills, people could improve their vitamin D levels with an adequate diet and 30 minutes of sunlight twice a week."#

“Fight for greater relevance. Make it a priority in your positioning.”#

"If your messaging isn't unbelievably simple, you're missing the point.”#

"In everything you do or say and every piece of news you release, you have to keep beating the drum about your vision for the future — whether it’s the future of reading, the end of software, or one platform that connects the world. 'This is what will elevate whatever you’re doing in the short term to the next level. And the more short-term points you rack up, the more believable the long-term message becomes.'”#

Brand Lens: Tagline > Attributes > Differentiators > Action#

"Whatever it is you think you want to do, run it through your brand lens. See if it highlights the words that you’ve chosen that are meaningful to you and that set you apart. If the answer is no, don’t do it. If the answer is yes, then you have to do it.”#

“Figure out who you are as a founder, as a leader, as a brand. And whatever you are, be the best at it.”#

“Don't wrestle with a pig in the mud. You both get dirty but the pig likes it.”#

"Don’t envy other companies. This is so important, I have to say it twice."#

Brand image is your lump of clay and you have to go out there and make it into something beautiful. Respond to their questions, but then tell them what’s important in every answer, because they don’t know, or even how to ask.”#

"Associate yourself with the super giants, even if they’re not in your industry. If it makes sense, they can help you tell your story and gain relevance to land that win-win situation.”#

In looking at work-life balance employees fell into two categories: Segmentors and Integrators. The first are able to draw a psychological line between work stress and the rest of their lives, 31% of Googlers fell into this category. For the other 69% - the Integrators - "work looms constantly in the background," though half of them want to be more like Segmentors. In their Dublin office, they started "Google Goes Dark" which asked people to leave their devices at the front desk before leaving for the night.#

Why Do App Developers Still Live with Their Moms? By Jerry Davis, Harvard Business Review #

"With about 1,400 net hires per year, getting a job at Facebook is only slightly more likely than getting drafted into the NFL." #

"If time management were the essence of the problem, a self-imposed deadline should help. But Pychyl and other researchers have come to believe that emotional failures rest at the root of procrastination. Procrastinators delay a task because they're not in the mood to do it and deceive themselves into thinking they will be later on. When that time comes and they're not, they're in the same emotional place but with less time until deadline."#

"The best strategy for addressing procrastination is to find something enjoyable or meaningful in whatever task is before you." #

“Whether that means getting a 9-to-5 job and putting on the big-girl pants,” she said, “or whether it just means going into something where people are not looking at me, and I’m not covered in rhinestones every day.”#

The Power of Knowing Where to Start By Chris Yeh#

Wikipedia Founder Sticks It To ‘Lunatic’ Holistic Healers By Alexandra Sifferlin, Time #

Modern Tribe's Freelance Toolkit is brilliant.#

"For a great read on the rise of the developer, check out Stephen O’Grady’s book The New Kingmakers: How Developers Conquered The World"#

My illustrated top 10 tips for success By Richard Branson, Virgin.com #

The Brutal Ageism of Tech By Noam Scheiber, New Republic #

Republicans’ views on evolution By Cary Funk, Pew Research Center #

Oops, Sorry for Being So Creepy By Henry Alford, New York Times #

What happens when this drug lord gets this weird request from a middle-aged professor at Columbia? What’s he going to think? Something awful, I imagine.’ ” Ms. Bell summed up: “It was very Larry David. The whole thing was very Larry David.”#

"The bet is no longer just that individuals can pass on messages from marketers, but that they also think like celebrities or brands--that they want to know and analyze who their most valuable followers are, too."#

"I think mitigating anxiety is important if you're going to juggle projects," Brownstein says. "The anxiety can become bigger than the work. So you have to be willing to have something not go exactly as planned. That kind of nimbleness keeps you alert and keeps you striving a little bit more."#


Incredible Images Of A Namibian Ghost Town, Taken Over By The Desert By Adele Peters, Co.Exist #

"Overworked coders tended to produce less high-quality code when working 60 hour/weeks than refreshed people did when working 40-hour weeks."#

"...offline as the new luxury."#

"Once a scientific truth emerges from a consensus of experiments and observations it is the way of the world. When different experiments give you the same result it is no longer subject to your opinion. It's true whether or not you believe in it. That's why it works." - Neil DeGrasse Tyson#

"Find someone who rocks where you elicit crickets." #

“Start with a small, intense fire. Your first goal is focusing on those first 50, 100, or 500 users, and make them really, really happy."#

"Focus. You shouldn’t be grabbing coffee with a VC in the middle of day when you could be working,” Graham said. “Instead you should be doing the most important things, like, say, optimizing software.”#

"An essential element of any art is risk. If you don’t take a risk then how are you going to make something really beautiful, that hasn’t been seen before?"#

"We want you, at first, to steal from us, because you can’t steal. You will take what we give you and you will put it in your own voice and that’s how you will find your voice. And that’s how you begin. And then one day someone will steal from you."#

"You work another job and get up at five in the morning and write your script."#

"Every time I made a film, I always knew what I thought the theme was, the core, in one word. Knowing the theme helps you make a decision when you’re not sure which way to go."#

"We know that art is about beauty, and therefore it has to be about truth."#

What’s the biggest barrier to being an artist? "Self-confidence always. The artist always battles his own/her own feeling of inadequacy. You have to battle the lack of confidence by giving the scene the chance to solidify."#

It's 2014. Is Web Design Dead? By Jeffrey Zeldman, Zeldman.com #

"HTML 'gurudom' was never a career path for anyone, aside, maybe, from a couple of talented authors."#

Roger Angell: Life in the Nineties By Roger Angell, The New Yorker#

"More venery." #

"But to hell with them and with all that, O.K.?"#

Hackers and Painters By Paul Graham (orig. pub date 5/2003)#

"All makers face this problem. Prices are determined by supply and demand, and there is just not as much demand for things that are fun to work on as there is for things that solve the mundane problems of individual customers."#

"I think the answer to this problem, in the case of software, is a concept known to nearly all makers: the day job. This phrase began with musicians, who perform at night. More generally, it means that you have one kind of work you do for money, and another for love."#

"Because painters leave a trail of work behind them, you can watch them learn by doing. If you look at the work of a painter in chronological order, you'll find that each painting builds on things that have been learned in previous ones."#

"In hacking, like painting, work comes in cycles. Sometimes you get excited about some new project and you want to work sixteen hours a day on it. Other times nothing seems interesting."#

"In both painting and hacking there are some tasks that are terrifyingly ambitious, and others that are comfortingly routine. It's a good idea to save some easy tasks for moments when you would otherwise stall."#

"Empathy is probably the single most important difference between a good hacker and a great one."#

"You only get one life. You might as well spend it working on something great."#

How Netflix Reverse Engineered Hollywood By Alexis C. Madrigal, The Atlantic #

"Let me get philosophical for a minute. In a human world, life is made interesting by serendipity," Yellin told me. "The more complexity you add to a machine world, you're adding serendipity that you couldn't imagine. Perry Mason is going to happen. These ghosts in the machine are always going to be a by-product of the complexity. And sometimes we call it a bug and sometimes we call it a feature."#

Games By Ian Bogost#

Anybody Can Learn By Hadi Partovi, Code.org #

Mile High Blondies By Kristen Browning-Blas, The Cannabist#

A Guide to Internet Hate-Reads By Katy Waldman, Slate#

Selfie-Loathing By Jessica Winter, Slate#

Why Don’t We Have A Wonder Woman Movie? By Graeme McMillan, Time#

The Enchanting Mouse Architecture of Need a House? Call Ms. Mouse! By Naomi Stead, Slate #

The Inferno of Independence, By Frank Chimero #

"How do we change the stories we tell ourselves and one another so that making stuff doesn’t suck the life out of you?"#

Concord, our GPL outliner By Dave Winer, Scripting News #

"My goal is to feed the open development world, not to help fund the VC industry, which are a thankless bunch of assholes, imho. They never give back, they just take. "#

Personal Branding for Introverts By Dorie Clark, HBR #

Facebook tells employees, 'build something' -- with a table saw By Zach Miners, TechHive #

"So, basically, if you followed this limited logic… you’d hear that if you’re a woman, black, foreign, or old, you need not apply; you will not be seen. No matter how good your idea could be."#

Coder for Raspberry Pi#

dealflow (noun): "Dave McClure, who runs the accelerator 500 Startups, says that while valuations are down from last summer, they seem to have stabilized and that his own dealflow has grown."#

Clever Hacks Give Google Glass Many Unintended Powers #

On Obamacare, Republicans test the definition of insanity #

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